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Did you know it's
* 'Door mat' not 'Foot mat'
* 'Spin me a gist' not 'Gist me'
* 'Number plate' not 'Plate number'
* 'Clap him' not 'Clap for him'
* 'From beginning to end' not 'From the beginning to the end'
* 'Fill in a form' not 'Fill a form'
* 'Staples' not 'Staple pins'
* 'A notice to quit' not ' A quit notice'
* 'Warm up the food' not 'warm the food'
* 'There are plenty more fish in the sea' not 'There are many fishes in the river'
* 'A word for the wise is enough' not 'A word is enough for the wise'
* 'As time goes by' not 'As time goes on'
* 'In the queue' not 'On the queue'
* 'He who laughs last laughs longest' not 'He who laughs last laughs best'
* 'Take a seat' not 'Have your seat'
* 'Traffic jam' not 'Go-slow'
* 'The battle lines are drawn' not 'The battle line is drawn'
* 'Rainy season' not 'Raining season'
* 'Runny nose' not 'Running nose'
* 'Half-dressed or half-clothed' not 'Half-naked'
* 'Under done' not 'Half done'
* 'I missed your calls' not 'I saw your missed calls'
* 'Let's have a meeting of minds' not 'Let's rub minds together'
* 'Tricky' not 'Trickish'
* 'Peppery' not 'Pepperish'
* 'In haste' not 'In a haste'
* 'Photocopier' not 'Photocopy machine' ?

Do enjoy your day!

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