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As a result of the global pandemic, Lead British International Schools (LBIS) continues to play a key role in ‘Equipping Future Leaders’ through their Online Learning Platform - #LBIS-LEADING LEARNING ONLINE!

Located in urban settlements in the heart of the cities of ABUJA and IBADAN, our schools are encompassed by an ethos of serenity which is imperative for successful learning.

The schools’ online lessons have run successfully for 5 weeks since the 27th of April 2020 with a key focus on:

• Keeping all of its children engaged, enthusiastic and motivated with their learning;

• Helping all of its children feel connected with their teachers and fellow students;

• Providing all of its children with activities that support their mental health and wellbeing; and

• Ensuring that all of its children continue to make maximum progress in their learning to achieve the highest level of attainment in their end of year examinations.

Our online lessons have been a huge success and have been highly commended by both parents and students.

"I like that I can see my teachers using google meet app. I always look forward to my lessons on Google Classroom" - Amanda Abba (A Year 12 Student)

'' What I like most about the schools online learning programme is that it is keeping my children productive all day. They focus on the task given to them and they understand the use of the computer to achieve so many tasks'' ---- Mrs Abdulkadir (A parent)

As a parent-inclusive school, LBIS encourages the active participation of all parents in their children’s academic lives and personal development. The schools work in partnership with all parents to provide devices that can be controlled and restricted in order to help our children to keep safe in a virtual learning experience. The schools greatly appreciate the commitment and support of parents to ensure proper supervision of their child to achieve the very best results.

LBIS delivers both a British and Nigerian curriculum to equip its children with the skills, knowledge and experience to be successful in a global economy. Our schools have comprehensive Day and Boarding facilities. We have employed fully qualified, internationally exposed teachers and staff who utilise modern, interactive and inclusive methods of teaching and learning.

Teachers make use of modern teaching and learning approaches to engage their students and provide co-curricular activities alongside, local, national and international educational visits and excursions to keep them abreast of currently realities.

The schools pride themselves on the provision of state-of-the-art teaching and learning facilities with top notch technological, scientific, creative and artistic school facilities.

LBIS is excited that just before lockdown it celebrated two of its Alumni who achieved First Class Honours Degree from Universities in Nigerian and the UK, bringing the total number of Alumni with First Class Honours Degree to Ten.

Our newly launched website, www.lbis.org contains important information about our prestigious schools which continues to thrive and yield maximum results by ‘Equipping Future Leaders’ through our Online Learning Platform - #LBIS-LEADING LEARNING ONLINE!

Ojutiku Seun
Virtual Assistant
Lead British International School

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